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perfectdisneychallenge: Day 1-Favorite Disney Movie

Everything about this movie is perfect. I don’t like how people say it’s not one of the good ones, because it really is. It’s incredibly funny, the music is amazing, I love how Tiana is a princess that was in the medieval, or classic princess times where all the women wear ball gowns. And I think her hard working ethic makes her a amazing role model for little girls everywhere. Absolutely fantastic movie and if you don’t love it, I suggest you give it another try

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"You’d better start loving life. It doesn’t last long and there’s no second helping."

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"Imagine enjoying murdering a healthy animal, not for food, not in self defence but for fun to take a trophy. That’s what serial killers do."

Ricky Gervais

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sweggolas replied to your post:I want to puke just thinking about you
katie!!! omg let’s puke together

carl why are you the only person that gets me?

I want to puke just thinking about you